Who We Are

-Introduction to Tenor Sharlho and Sonam Yeshi.

-Tenor Sharlho, founder of Sharlho, was born in Lhasa, Tibet. He studied in India, completing his fashion studies at Pearl Academy in Chennai. During his school years, he took a deep interest in Indian textiles, and was exposed to traditional methods of spinning and weaving. He founded his company, Sharlho, with a vision of creating products that combine traditional knowhow and contemporary style.


-Sonam Yeshi grew up in Dharamsala, India and began drawing and painting and an early age, inspired mostly by animal subjects which she continues to depict in her vibrant paintings. She studied fashion and illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York. Back in Dharamsala, she worked as Creative Director at Norbulingka Institute, developing ranges of products which combined Tibetan traditional methods and styles with her vibrant interpretations, which she turned into prints and wood paintings. She brings her unique style to Sharlho, where she is now Creative Director