Our Ethos & Aesthetics

From thriving old growth forests to the sparse cold deserts of the upper reaches of the Himalayas, there is no other geographical feature of India apart from perhaps the Ganges that holds such a special place in the hearts of all who set foot in this country.

Sharlho draws inspiration from the landscape and culture that surrounds it. Be it the strength of community bonds wherein mutual reliability ensures survival, to the rock solid ethos that keeps a people proud and steadfast in their way of life. The care in the craftsmanship and durability of indigenous utility items, and the intense colours of ancient Himalayan textiles against the backdrop of slate grey, timber brown, and luscious green – For us these sights evoke a longing for things that are incorruptible by modern excesses, true to what they stand for, and strike harmony between the old and new.

Sharlho’s aesthetic brings this Himalayan ethos into all its creations. 

We want to create products that will weather life’s twists and turns with you. Sharlho products should remind you of where they come from and support you in whatever path you’re headed on. We want you to know that your purchase enabled good in the lives of many – from the traditional craftspeople to the skillful team that put them together.

If you haven’t embarked on the journey yet, we hope your first Sharlho product will encourage you to slow the rate of purchase down to a sustainable level. Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying products for quality and longevity. Buy things that collect stories and bear witness to your life for years, not days. That, we dare say, you’re guaranteed with a Sharlho purchase.