Note From Our Founder

“A life in exile does not seek to forget. A life in exile constantly probes… Who are you? Who are you now?

Our remembrance is etched in our dreams and in the dance of our imagination. Our destiny has thrust us on to a world stage. Who can we be now? How shall we serve?

Like myself, thousands of young Tibetans were entrusted with keeping the idea of Tibet alive when we were sent away, far too young to even realize the sacrifice of our families. We arrived here with not much more than our family’s name to call our own. At age 5, I was a refugee in a new land with a new way of being. Sharlho is what I have made of this journey, the separation and the opportunity. 

My story is no tragedy. This is a story of triumph and transformation; emblematic of the resilience of the Tibetan people. The aesthetics of Sharlho products rest on the lingering dream of a glorious return while courageously embracing the reality of where we find ourselves in the world.

Our products are symbols of our journey from an unforgettable homeland to a new life in a perpetually transforming world. And just like the people that create these beautiful pieces, our products straddle the old world and the new, rooted in tradition, inspired by urban realities, built to survive. And just like the people who made them, every Sharlho product has a Himalayan heart. 

Each hand cut and hand made Sharlho product is a roadmap leading from a glorious past into a future where absolutely anything is possible.

And every Sharlho creation that goes out into the world keeps the idea of Tibet alive.

For that you have my eternal gratitude.”

Tenzin Norbu (Tenor) Sharlho