Top 10 Cloth care tips to give your clothes the respect they deserve


1)  Number one! Always put clothing on a hanger or folded nicely, rather than leaving it in a crumpled-up heap like the terrain of some abstract obstacle course.

2) Most of the temperature labels represent the ceiling washing temperature and not the ideal one. Washing at low temperatures will give your clothes nine lives, making them look fresh and new.

3) There are some clothes which come with a dry clean only direction. Dry cleaning however, is a chemically exhaustive process, you can use lower temperatures, milder cycles and dry settings in modern washing machines. This stands true for all silk blouses, wool coats etc,.*

*Note: Delicate materials like cashmere, fur, sequins or clothes with sewn on pearls and beads may need to be washed at the dry cleaners, since these are subject to colour change and dilapidation if washed at home. Some dry cleaners however have opted using green methods like wet cleaning and the use of carbon dioxide solvents.

4) Anti-tumble drying is such an enforced phenomenon owing to an age old tradition of open air drying. However without bursting any bubbles, modern tumble drying is very gentle and enhances water repellent qualities for outdoor clothing.

5) Over washing is a plague that infests mankind. It is prudent to inspect jeans, sweatshirts, wool and cashmere before tossing them in the laundry basket. Unlike cotton, wool does not soak up the daily dirt and grime of living!

6) Ironing clothes is another hasty affair amongst mankind. Clothes must be sorted according to temperature before ironing, circular motion is a big no! Lengthwise ironing with blasts of steam or gentle water sprinkling is ideal to remove wrinkles. Sensitive clothes must be ironed with a pressing cloth, i.e a cotton cloth or a handkerchief.

7)  Consider hand washing your clothes synonymous to giving them a bath. Put your garments in the sink or bucket before filling water, avoid aggressive scrubbing, soaking is a better option for mutant and stubborn stains and dirt. Wringing wet clothes to get the moisture out is a free highway to damage, instead gently squeeze the cloth with both hands.

8) It is important to fold along the seams of the garment before you store it. For instance, pants would have to be folded lining up their seams and creases. If a garment cannot be folded, simply roll it and store it to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles. It is important to not make the folded clothes feel too claustrophobic!

9) If some clothes in your wardrobe are used rarely and upon distant occasions, it is only just to use mothballs and dryer sheets in between them. If you are concerned about the UN-use before using them, air them out instead of washing them, you need not repair what’s not broken!

10) The age old saying of prevention is better than cure stands true perpetually, wear aprons or old junk clothes while cleaning and cooking. Make sure to snip loose strings and thread instead of pulling them out and creating a bigger problem. Last but not the least, remove pills as soon as you see them with scissors, sandpaper, razors or a strip of Velcro.

What are your favorite methods to preserve cloth life? Do you think we missed out on something? We would love to hear what you have to share, please feel free to use the comment section below.