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In this busy modern life of instant gratification, everything has painfully become spontaneous and momentary. The pleasure of shopping for clothes has, alas, also become a means of instantaneous momentary activity whereby people do not, and cannot, take time to appreciate the fine piece of clothing that will then drape them.

The art of clothing oneself and dressing up is the most unique way of representing one’s identity and personality. While shopping for clothes nowadays, we clearly see that everything has become, artificially and crudely, brand-driven. Apathetically, the branded companies show little to no interest in fabric quality, especially organic fabrics and in natural dyes. All traditional methods of cloth production, like traditional weaving and hand-made organic products have been replaced by machines and artificial means of bulk production. As a result, everyone ends up looking plainly similar in similar looking clothes. Identifying uniqueness in this broth of similarities has become a difficult task.

Sharlho considers it a sincere and a very important responsibility to revive these traditional ways of making clothes; for the sheer pleasure of appreciating, feeling and promoting the pure genuine art that the traditional fabrics actually are. There are bountiful resources of beautiful untouched fabric in the remote areas and villages of the Himalayas. Sharlho sees profound unadulterated beauty in these genuine fabrics, and aims to identify, outsource and transform these untouched traditional wear and costumes into exquisite modern contemporary wear. The lost techniques of traditional dyeing and weaving will be incorporated into producing unique blends of traditional and modern contemporary wear that will be appreciated and loved by all.

Enjoy Sharlho designs.

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